My father who served with the 131st City of Glasgow Field Regiment Royal Artillery , was used by the powers that be as a witness to the Belsen Attrocities , are there any other memories of this from the 131st or the 15th scots division in general. It seems strange that a lot of soldiers were transported there to witness it , but there was nothing official in writing ,  seems pointless ?


Regards  Ian G Mclean

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My dad told me that his father was one of the first to arrive in Belsen but that he didn't really talk about it. I think my grandfather served with the Royal Engineers, but I haven't done any research to verify this. I'd certainly like to find out more.

Hi Kathleen, their is plenty of information on the Royal Engineers at Belsen who were their at the liberation and during the cleaning up procedures, a terrible experience for all. I think the Engineers were their in an official capacity,so it may well be on individual service records.

My father was seconded to a Canadian regiment for a couple of days at a place called Celle , he and a group of the Canadians were asked to go to Belsen just as 'Witnesses'to the atrocities. I am still waiting for my fathers service record to see if it was made official , but i am not holding much hope, so my next lead will be the Canadian regiment he was with and any info there.

Good luck with your searching Kathleen, if you go on Youtube , their is some very moving footage of Belsen , including an eye witness radio report by Richard Dimbleby for the BBC


Kind Regards  Ian


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